Hi, I'm Peter, a web3 developer

I am a professional freelancer from Budapest, Hungary

About Me

I'm a web3 developer, passionate about decentralization, both in the technical and the social spheres. That's why I'm focusing on DAOs and associated technologies. I'm a self-taught software developer, mainly specialized in React on the front end and Express.js on the back end. I can write smart contracts both in Solidity and Rust. I have some experience with Filecoin and IPFS, that also includes the newly launched FVM Mainnet. When working with databases, I prefer using PostgreSQL, for serving websites, I usually use Nginx.

I'm mainly interested in projects that will either create political/social decentralization, for example, messaging apps, decentralized media platforms, voting, money allocation through DAOs, etc. I'm also interested in projects that are related to ReFi.


Front End Development

I have most experience in React, I also have some knowledge about Vue.js.

Back End Development

I am mostly using Express, but I'm willing to learn a new framework if the team is already using a different kind of framework. I can configure Linux VPS servers, have experience with Nginx, PostgreSQL, and connecting to an IPFS node with Express.

Smart Contract Development

I have prior experience with Solidity and NEAR-SDK (Rust).


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Gonna Sport

Gonna Sport is a booking platform for sport clubs and gyms. It connects people who want to do sports with people who operate places where you can do sports. I worked on the front end here, I worked mainly on modals here, and certain types of forms.

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DAOrecords Soundsplash

Soundsplash for DAOrecords. DAOrecords is a music NFT platform. Each week we did a new design for Soundsplah. I did the front end, the back end and the smart contract in Rust (NEAR-SDK). On the back end, I was using Express.js and the server is running an IPFS node for the images and videos. The design was made by Lena.

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DAOrecords General Template

General Template for DAOrecords. DAOrecords is a music NFT platform. As we went on turning DAOrecords into a platform, we needed a template for NFT drops, this is the template that we made. I also worked on the smart contract that will make DAOrecords into a platform, but we run out of funds, so it never went to production. On testnet, the smart contract works, however. Design was made by design was made by Lena.

Contact Me

You can contact me through Filecoin Slack, or you can also send me an e-mail if you would like.

Filecoin Slack: optr

E-mail: peter_ott@zelmacorp.io